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Do not sit on your wallet

Most of the men with Desk Jobs face back pain problems a lot or those who travel a lot. A new research has found the main reason for the back pain in men. A new research has found that those men who store there wallet in there back pocket while they sit during work or traveling face back pain then those …

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Veins will be visible now through new infrared light device

If you have felt the pain in the past while donating your blood then donating blood in future is going to be painless because now scientists have invented an infrared light device which makes veins on your body visible. This handheld infrared light device is about to make donating blood a whole lot easier and emergency cases to be given …

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A little massage for complete relaxation

In a TV show about healthy living on the first channel of the Russian national television, Mark Sandomirsky, a doctor of medical science and psychiatrist, advice’s his patients to relieve stress using a simple technique. The causes and effects of stress often vary, and people experience it in many different ways. After being stressed, we are left with an uncomfortable …

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