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How to send large files over Email – The best one chosen

There are several services online that let you send large files over email and i have almost used each and every service but today i am going to tell you about the best one.

If you email a file directly from your inbox then there are limits for example Google’s service Gmail just allows you to send attachment of 25 Mb or Less.

The one i have chosen is FileMail because of the following reason.

Space Limit

Every other service online i have tried the spaces they provided me for free were 100 mb, 200 mb, 1-gb and the highest i had for free was 10-gb. But Filemail is giving the maximum and that is 30-gb for free. No one else is giving this much space for free but if you think this is also less than the filemail is also giving you option to send larger files without any limitations at only 9 dollars per month which i think is cheaper than all but before you buy you can have a trial of a month for free but the con here is this that you have to pay atleast for a month after that which is 9 dollars. But if file is under 30-gb you will not have to worry about anything.

Security option

When you are sending files for free the options you get for security are Password protecting your file and the availability of file which means that you can limit that how long the file should stay on the server by default it shows 7 days but you can increase it.

Delivery tracking

You will be notified when the person downloads the file you sent.

Note: According to filemail Security Option and Delivery tracking mentioned above are shown not to be available in free service but i have used it all the time for free so ignore the plan and we are not sure how long is filemail going to keep it that way.

Not Limited to Email

The article is about how to send large files over email but when the upload is done you are also provided with a link which you can send to others too so they can download those videos too and actually the person you are emailing will receive the link and from that the files you sent.


The interface of the site is awesome and it used Html 5 to upload your files. It will show you the time remaining and the speed on which the files are being uploaded and the percentage of upload progress. I think that is all you need when you are sending files straight from the browser. * I uploaded 100 Mb in 15 mins at 85 kb/s*

Apps and Plugins

Filemail also provides you awesome Apps and plugins through which you can send files straight from your desktop, Outlook, Thunderbird, Iphone, Ipad etc. They also have created a small application by the name of filemail Receiver┬áthat automatically downloads files that other people send you. This means that you can immediately access these files locally on your harddrive/server – without having to download the files manually from the Filemail servers. But sadly thsi filemail receiver is only available for business customers.

You can Download Apps and plugins here.

Branding and Emails

With business account you can also integrate Filemail Uploader and also place the Download Page on your own site. It is like providing users with file sharing service from your site. This means that you will use filemail but highlight your service and brand.


Filemail provides several connections on a single file being downloaded which makes the download faster. What i mean by this is that when you will download a file the down-loader will connect several times with the file from different parts and each connection will download specific part and when all are downloaded the software combines the downloaded chunks it makes the download faster and not every one provides this service. I use Internet download manager for downloads.


Update: As an appreciation and support to our readers Filemail.com has given us a special discount coupon which our readers can avail for an upgrate to a Pro or business plan. Check out the coupon code by click the 33% image below.

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