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Why and How to restore Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

Why to Restore old Photo Viewer in Windows 10? Windows 10 Photos is the latest Photo Viewer which is good because of the Dark theme but it takes more memory than the older Windows Photo Viewer. I also prefer older version because it is fast and options which let you easily print with availability of printing single image twice on …

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Run WhatsApp on your Pc officially by WhatsApp

Many people wanted to run WhatsApp on there pc for which we wrote an article How to run android apps on windows. But we did mentioned there was a con using that way and it was using a lot of ram of your pc and making your pc slower while running the apps and most of the people used that …

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How to Install Windows 10 (Technical Preview) the easy way

After the failure of Windows 8 the Microsoft has came up with an idea to regain there lost reputation so that is why before launching there next big thing ” Windows 10 ” they are offering it to public as Technical Preview. We have installed it and we are damn sure that it is going beat there last successful OS …

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