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Run WhatsApp on your Pc officially by WhatsApp

Many people wanted to run WhatsApp on there pc for which we wrote an article How to run android apps on windows. But we did mentioned there was a con using that way and it was using a lot of ram of your pc and making your pc slower while running the apps and most of the people used that …

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Apps that make iphone users jealous from Android

Users of iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) claim that there technology is better but if you are an Android user then Android has some awesome apps that Apple has no answer of yet. So lets start with the list of apps and you can go to there google play page by clicking the title. Muzei This is an app that automatically gives you …

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How to run android apps on Windows

This is the one of the most common question asked by the windows users these days but is asked specifically related with apps specially now a days people want to know how they can use WhatsApp on windows. There are several ways to use apps on windows like installing SDK Package on windows through any SDK Manager like the app …

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