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The way to increase you wifi range was always in your Kitchen

Every one want strong Wifi signals that reach the corners of there premises so they can use it anywhere they want but not every wifi device supports such range. But you will be amazed to know that the way to increase your Wifi range always laid in your kitchen. The thing that can increase your Wifi range from your Kitchen is …

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Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts and there benefits

If you are new to Adobe Photoshop and do not use Photoshop shortcuts yet to use the tools then you should start now after reading the benefits of it. Professional Adobe Photoshop users use these shortcuts because its biggest benefit is that it saves a lot of time. Also if you are working on something sharp then you won’t have …

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How to fix Skype broken Login screen?

There is an error in the Latest version of Skype which appears in some computers not every pc so it appeared in my Windows 7 using Service Pack 1 and also Windows 10 Technical Preview. I faced this error when i upgraded to the skype’s latest version in windows 7 and  in Windows 10 Technical preview when i used a …

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How to view the source code of a web page?

What is Source Code in web development? Every site you see on your web browser stands on the coding without that coding there is visuals of the site. It is like a building can not stand without pillars or anything you eat can not be made exactly like that without knowing the ingredients. So this coding is actually the pillar …

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How to Install WordPress on WampServer

How to Install WordPress on WampServer? 1. Start your wamp server and let it go green. 2. Lets make a database first for your wordpress. Open phpMyAdmin panel you can do it by clicking on the button on wampserver or you can directly go to it by writing  localhost/phpmyadmin in your browser. 3. On phpMyAdmin go to Database and write …

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