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How to add Previous / Next Navigation Buttons in your post

How to add Previous / Next Navigation Buttons in your post and its benefits Most of people who use internet and like to read articles have seen Previous / Next Navigation buttons online on posts. If you do not understand what i mean then click here to know what i am talking about. This option is really useful if you …

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Wordfence: Best security plugin for wordpress

Wordfence is one of the best wordpress plugin for security purpose which provides live website scan and report issues to you, live traffic preview, Performance setup (Cache option to speed up wordpress), Whois lookup, Firewall rules, Login Security options,ip blocking for free and email alerts etc. The options i mentioned above are absolutely free and provide full service and you do not …

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How to change original wordpress theme information in to yours?

If you have read the sharing reason of my article How to know which wordpress theme is used on a site? Then you might know why i am writing this article. If not then in short it is like converting original theme information made by some one else in to your own custom theme information. Note: It is just about …

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How to know which wordpress theme is used on a site?

First let me tell why you should know this. Some times our customers mostly bloggers demand that they want a site which look similar like another site and they also tell us about the changes they want in it. If you are a developer you will know how much time it takes to create a whole new theme for wordpress …

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Alert: New way hackers using to hack wordpress.

Hackers these days are using new way to hack wordpress sites to gain control of the admin panel and your database. It is really hard to identify it as a threat for beginners so i thought to share it with you so you can protect your sites. This attack was made mostly on all wordpress sites of my customers where …

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How to Install WordPress on WampServer

How to Install WordPress on WampServer? 1. Start your wamp server and let it go green. 2. Lets make a database first for your wordpress. Open phpMyAdmin panel you can do it by clicking on the button on wampserver or you can directly go to it by writing  localhost/phpmyadmin in your browser. 3. On phpMyAdmin go to Database and write …

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