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AliExpress Shipping Service Scam Exposed

Aliexpress is one of the most used website worldwide for Shopping Online. It also holds the record of U$ 9.3 Billion sales Online in 24 Hours. It also has secure terms and services and you can not be looted by scams there. If you buy something and you do not get it then seller will simply refund back your money but make sure you are buying from a well known company and the ratings of a specific company tells you the whole story about it on Aliexpress.

Scammers always try to find new ways to earn money. We have found a new type of scam which is earning lot of products from AliExpress and money.  Recently i ordered some products from AliExpress and received all the products which were send to me through China Post with a tracking number. China post’s tracking number works only from Port to Port which means it will just tell you if your product has arrived from China to your country. Some sellers sent me my products from Yanwen and the tracking number was provided which also works from Port to Port. My Tracking ended on 5th May 2015 saying

2015-05-27 00:00 Pakistan Arrive at Pakistan Airport-(Yanwen’s Track End)

When i reported this to Customs then they told me that i should report it to sender and tell them to report us. I did it but also had the benefit of having some relatives in the Customs. Customs tried to track my parcel and luckily they got it but it was not on my name. It was for some one else who also ordered something from AliExpress but with my tracking number on it. It was not the first time i faced this problem with Yanwen and have lost many products that were send through them. Customs told me that the seller or shipping service provider is playing a scam. They are issuing same Tracking number on different products that are being send to same country to show it legit. They will send a Parcel to Pakistan with a working tracking number and give it to other Pakistani’s as well whose product they will hold or lets say actually use like robbery.

I kept silent and later just asked the seller to Refund me my money as i did not received the parcel. They did refund me my money without hesitation but also asked me that if i receive it later then i should honestly repay them and i agreed upon this demand. This also showed that the sellers are being loyal and the actual culprit are the local shipping companies or lets say specific people working in that company. They are just keeping our products and even taking money for it in the name of shipping charges. The people that are being looted are the sellers and this scam is working in an awesome way for them because tracking will say the product has been sent to the country they asked for and it is lost there.

AliExpress should find a solution to this problem asap and i prefer they get involved in shipping the products them self as the CEO of AliBaba also has logistic service company.

If you are buying something costly then do go with DHL, Fedex services even if you have to pay a bit higher for them or at least go with China Post with Tracking number which is provided on the spot. Sometimes the seller will ask you for a little fees of 1 or 2 dollar for the tracking number of China Post and i will prefer that as i have never lost a China Post parcel with tracking. I was also told by the seller that some local companies do not give tracking number on the spot, they just tell you that they will sms or email them later which i think is also the first step they take to scam sellers.

I hope my experience and article will help Aliexpress improve its service.

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  1. Thanks for tip. I am a regular user to buy stuff on the net. From Ali Express i get daily mails in my inbox

  2. Good article! Lots of helpful information. Thanks.

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